Why Us


Every step of my process is customized to meet your unique individual needs and to bring your outdoor lighting vision to reality!

My promise is to serve you with integrity and excellence from our initial conversation until the day we bring your project to fruition.

My desire is for this process to be a partnership that is easy, enjoyable, transparent and headache free!

I want you to have peace of mind, confidence and total satisfaction during every step of the lighting process. Communication is a critical component to the success of the project and to your overall satisfaction.

I believe that the difference can be found in the details and it is in the details where Radiant Landscape Lighting SHINES! 

Our Process Step by Step


Initial Consultation

Radiant Landscape Lighting’s approach is a personal partnership tailored to meet your unique goals with creative lighting solutions that exceed your expectations. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. Our initial conversation will help me understand your concerns and expectations as well as guide us through the rest of the process. I will customize everything in order to meet your needs and provide the highest quality landscape lighting services.


Budget Building

Have you determined a budget for your lighting project? Having an idea of what you want to invest upfront is helpful and can serve as a guide for our initial conversations. Many outdoor lighting projects can be done all at once or in different phases over a period of time to honor your budget. The beauty of lighting projects is that there are so many different products and options that I am confident we can come up with something that you will love!


Project Design

At Radiant Landscape Lighting, I believe in collaboration. One of the highlights of my job is working side by side with my customers. I encourage your participation in the design process because your vision helps guide the overall design. We are a team, working together to get you exactly what you want! I will provide creative suggestions and solutions that will make the daunting project design process seamless and even enjoyable for you!


Fixture Selection

There are so many different lighting products, styles, effects, and applications to help us accomplish your lighting goals. I can provide hands on fixture and transformer demonstrations that allow you to see, touch, & feel the components. No one lighting design project is ever the same. We will create a custom look and feel for your property that will allow it to be seen in a whole new light!


Lighting installation

Time to light it up and bring your lighting vision to reality! I will meticulously place each fixture in its proper place for maximum effectiveness, using varied lighting techniques to highlight your property so it can be seen in it’s best light. I use proper installation techniques based on industry best practices to ensure function, safety and longevity of your lighting investment.


Maintenance Plans

Our partnership does not end with the flip of the light switch! Like any investment to your home or property, you want to keep your lighting system running optimally.  We will discuss and select a maintenance plan that will protect the longevity of your system investment, ensure your system is functioning at 100% all year round, and keep your property shining bright!