Frequently Asked Questions

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Only one!  I am the owner and operator of this business and I will personally handle every aspect of your project from beginning to end. I will not be bringing any strangers onto your property.

Yes.  Fixtures, LED lamps, transformers and even labor are all warrantied.  Warranties specific to your project components will be discussed during the design/quoting phase and maintenance programs are available to further extend your warranties and control your maintenance costs.

Yes, I am more than willing to visit you and assess your lighting needs or concerns.

I install only quality commercial grade lighting components that are designed to last and function properly for years to come. All lighting systems utilize low-voltage, energy-saving LED lamps and all timers are astronomical to ensure precise on/off functionality and programming.  Many transformers and color-changing lights are app controlled to ensure free, system-wide ease of use.

No, due to rising popularity, I also offer a wide variety of multi color-changing lights in addition to white lights.  All multi color-changing lights operate on a full RGB spectrum and offer color and scene customization via a free application for your smartphone.

Yes, the options are limitless.  Full RBG color section, grouping, zoning, dimming, secure network creation and custom scene creation for holidays, and event controls are all at your fingertips.

Yes, contact me for further details.

Yes.  The mechanical timers of the past have been surpassed by Bluetooth connectivity and free smart phone applications.  The options are nearly endless and it is effortless to adjust your system’s lighting effects based on your interests and/or the holidays and seasons of the year.

Yes, through the use of a free smartphone driven application. Secure networks can be created that ensure that only you are controlling your lights.

It is possible to use fixtures that you have already purchased as long as there are no compatibility issues and those fixtures achieve the lighting effect that you desire.  We would discuss all of this during the planning phase of the process to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Yes.  Once we connect, I will personally visit your property at no charge, to discuss your lighting needs and establish a design that addresses those needs.  Once the design aspect of the project is complete, a free quote will be generated for your review.  There are no upfront costs to get a personalized quote.

Once a quote is approved, a 1/2 deposit is required to reserve time in my schedule and procure all materials for the project.  The balance is due the day the project is completed and you are totally satisfied with the end result.

Check out this page where we share the benefits of professional lighting installation versus a DIY project.

Like any investment to your home and property some maintenance is required to keep the lighting system running optimally.  To ensure a hassle-free experience, maintenance plans are available that can ensure that your investment is protected and functioning at 100% all year round.

LED, short for “Light Emitting Diode,” is a semiconductor diode which glows when voltage is applied.  Since its inception in the 1920’s, LED’s have become a low-voltage staple in the electronics industry.  Some applications have included healthcare, manufacturing, communications, safety and now commercial and residential landscape lighting.  LED lamps can have a lifespan of up to 45,000 hours, which has surpassed the 2,000-5,000 hours of a standard halogen bulb.  LED’s consume 75% less electricity than their counterparts, which translates into hefty savings especially on large projects.

These LED’s mimic the appearance of incandescent bulbs, but their shape and look might be a little bit different.   These LED lamps are direct replacements for existing incandescent bulbs.  LED lamps typically have external fins that provide for convective cooling, which extends the life of the LED lamps over incandescent bulbs.

Integrated LED’s utilize hermetically sealed units that build the LED fixture and circuitry directly into the body of the fixture.  The primary advantage of the integrated LED is the ability to keep the LED lamp cool.  The internal cooling of the LED is provided by a metal heat sink, which allows heat to be ‘wicked’ to the outside through the walls of the fixture. This conductive cooling is far more effective than relying on convective air cooling that takes place with using a drop-in retrofit LED lamp.  This air-tight design also keeps dust, dirt and humidity out, which further extends the life of the LED and avoids color shifting.

Despite the much longer life expectancy of the LED lamp over the incandescent bulb, they will inevitably lose color and brightness over the years.  Depending on the product, the user may not notice these changes because they can be so gradual.  Over time colors can darken as light quality from the source decreases.  Integrated LED lamp construction dramatically slows this process by more effectively through conductive cooling, therefore they last longer and look better for longer.

Low-voltage means that the standard 120 volt electricity (the full line power that your home utilizes) is stepped down to about 12 volts, by way of a transformer.  This 90% voltage drop creates a safer electrical system throughout your property, as well as a cost savings to you because smaller wire can be used.  With smaller wire comes a reduction in material and labor costs.

Typical lighting installation projects take from 1-2 days, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  The installation time will be discussed with you in advance so that you know what to expect.

Yes, these systems are very expandable and can “grow” based on your desires and/or budgetary needs.

Quite simply, YES.  The professional lighting fixtures that I use are truly built to last by emitting better quality light for a longer period of time.  Big box stores do not offer the range of quality that I trust.  The fixtures that I trust range from quality “drop-in” LED lamps to “integrated”, multi-color changing LED lamps that are meant to last for years to come.  Functionality is also drastically improved over the big box stores with adjustable beam spread, dimming, color, scene customization and network creation in select fixtures.  Material and labor warranties, coupled with maintenance plans ensure that your investment is protected for years to come.