What We Do

Welcome to Radiant Landscape Lighting where together, we will transform your outdoor spaces into mesmerizing works of art.  I approach every project as if it were my very own, and I promise to serve you with unshakeable integrity from start to finish.  With impeccable attention to detail, I am dedicated to creating lighting solutions that will enhance the beauty and security of your property. 

Core Services

Architectural lighting

Architectural landscape lighting illuminates the unique features and elements of a building or home. It enhances the aesthetics of a property, creating a visually appealing + inviting atmosphere after dark while also improving safety and security by reducing dark areas and deterring potential intruders, making it an essential element in residential and commercial settings.

Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting refers to a type of outdoor lighting that operates at a lower electrical voltage, typically 12 volts. This energy-efficient and safe lighting solution is commonly used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Low voltage landscape lighting can accentuate the focal points of your landscape design by putting them in a whole new light.

Path + Area Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting refers to the installation of strategically placed light fixtures along walkways, driveways, or garden paths that illuminates and enhances the safety and look of these outdoor spaces. These fixtures typically emit a soft, diffused light that guides individuals along the path, prevents tripping hazards, and creates an inviting ambiance that adds to the overall curb appeal of a property.

Patio + Deck Lighting

Outdoor patio lighting refers to the installation of various lighting fixtures and elements in an outdoor patio area to enhance the look, feel and function of the space during the evening and nighttime hours. These lighting arrangements can include string lights, lanterns, sconces, and spotlights strategically placed to create an inviting atmosphere for gathering, relaxation, and entertainment.

color-changing + Holiday

Outdoor color-changing LED lights are versatile lighting fixtures designed for use in outdoor spaces. These lights can change colors, providing vibrant illumination in various hues, and often come with remote controls or smartphone apps for quick and easy customization. Create a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere and set the mood for every occasion, from festive gatherings to tranquil evenings.

Putting Green Lighting

Putting green lighting includes the installation of specialized lighting systems typically comprised of low-level, energy-efficient LED lights strategically placed around the putting surface to illuminate the green, cups and flagstick. This allows for extended playing hours and improved putting accuracy making it a popular choice for golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy the game long after the sun goes down.

More Landscape Lighting Services

String + Bistro Lighting

Outdoor string lighting is typically used to light up outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, or decks. These lights not only create a charming atmosphere but also offer practical benefits such as improved visibility, extended outdoor living hours, and the ability to transform an ordinary outdoor area into a cozy environment for gatherings and relaxation.

Dock Lighting

Outdoor dock lighting serves multiple purposes, including enhancing safety by lighting up the walkway, preventing accidents in low-light conditions, and adding a decorative touch to waterfront properties. Additionally, outdoor dock lighting can help boat owners extend their outdoor activities into the evening, making it easier to navigate and enjoy the waterfront after dark.

Pool Lighting

Outdoor pool lighting is designed to illuminate the pool’s surroundings for nighttime swimming and social gatherings. The benefits of outdoor pool lighting include improved safety by reducing the risk of accidents, extended pool usability beyond daylight hours, and the creation of a visually appealing outdoor space that enhances the overall beauty and value of a property.

Fence Lighting

Outdoor fence lighting refers to the installation of lights along the perimeter of your property’s fence or boundary line. These lights are designed to enhance security, safety, and beauty. The benefits of outdoor fence lighting include improved visibility at night, deterrence of potential intruders, and the creation of an inviting and well-lit outdoor space for gatherings or relaxation.

Specialty Lighting

Specialty and decorative landscape lighting serve as integral elements in enhancing your outdoor spaces. Decorative lighting fixtures can highlight specific architectural or natural features of your property, creating focal points after dark. This type of lighting adds a touch of unique charm, transforming gardens and patios into beautiful settings for relaxation and social gatherings.

Neighborhood Lighting

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) entrance lighting refers to fixtures and complete lighting systems that illuminate the entrances and common areas of an HOA community. These lighting installations improve safety for residents and visitors by illuminating pathways and entrances, increase security by deterring potential intruders, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the community.