Maintenance Plans

At Radiant Landscape Lighting, I offer customizable maintenance plans that ensure your lighting system is performing optimally for years to come, while honoring your budget. 

Maintenance plans are not only designed to fix the occasional problem but to proactively service your investment to prevent future issues from occurring. My desire is for you to enjoy a fully functional, hassle-free lighting system every day of the year. 

Our Lighting Maintenance Checklist


Check all lighting fixtures, wires and transformers to ensure proper functionality and secure power connections.


Inspect wires and voltage on any non-functioning, dim or flickering lights.


Inspect any exposed wires that can compromise aesthetics and safety, and determine the best strategy to safely conceal them.


Inspect timer and timer programming to ensure precise on/off functionality.


Identify & communicate any repairs, adjustments, or replacements that might be required or recommended.


Straighten or adjust any lighting fixtures that might have gotten knocked over, kicked or accidentally repositioned.


Clean and inspect all fixtures & lenses to ensure that light is emitting properly.  Spider webs, ant mounts, dirt, pine straw & mulch can accumulate over the lenses, so that debris will be removed and wiped clean with a cloth.


Reposition any fixtures that are out of position due to landscape growth or simply need adjustment to achieve an optimal lighting effect.